Brennan & Clark Ltd.

Contingency Collection/Outsource



Personalized Collection Service

Brennan & Clark personalized collection service utilizes the most successful demand techniques to collect your money in the shortest time. Fees are contingent on collection and payable at that time.

Under $200 $200-$400 $400-$4000 > $4000 12-18 months > 18 months
Commercial Rates 50% $100 25% 20% 33.3% 50%
Consumer Rates 50%
Fax Demand Service $30.00
Letter Writing Pricing based on volume
Training & Consulting As agreed

Free Demand

For commercial accounts (less than 100 days old) that you feel may respond immediately to third party intervention, we will issue a strong personalized demand. We will allow 15 days for the debtor’s response (as opposed to the customary 10 days that other agencies allow). If there is no reply, we will immediately move to our personalized collection service, as time is critical. If you notify us within 15 days that our initial demand prompts a response, or payment, there is no charge for our service to that point.

Immediate Demand

The day accounts are received (whether electronically or manually), our collection staff is faxing our strong personalized demand and placing a call to the debtor; followed by our personalized collection service.

Legal Services

Brennan & Clark will advise you when we feel litigation is necessary for effective collection. Typically, contingent charges are higher if a suit is authorized, along with a noncontingent fee being charged on disputed cases.