Brennan & Clark Ltd.

Cash Now

A key part of the Brennan and Clark service is our Cash Now program.

You place the accounts for collection. We issue you a check. We absorb the risk, you get paid immediately. Let's face it, we are specialists why would it be any other way?

This is our key differentiator in a business where clients who turn their accounts over for collection never receive all of their money (and they have to wait for what they do get back).

Program Benefits
  • A guarantee net return within five days of placing accounts for collection
  • Maintain total control over the process
  • Save administrative time by no longer having to monitor the accounts

Forecasting Your Results and Improving Your Return

In determining the price we do pay you immediately on, we go through a cost analysis of your accounts and what you are currently getting back from your existing agency.

Do you instruct your current agency on how to report their recovery to you or do they dictate what they report? Who is holding them accountable? At Brennan and Clark we show you how to get an accurate view of the current level of recovery your agency is getting. This will help you get the most out of your accounts by knowing what they are worth as well as being able to accurately budget your write-off.

After going through our cost analysis, even if you opt not to participate in the Cash Now Program, you will feel more in control and have a solid rationale for what your return rate should be. From there you can start to work towards improving that rate. No one has ever told us they wasted their time going through the analysis with us.